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Synth Single Review: "Miami Night Vibes" by Synthestellar

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Synthestellar’s Miami Night Vibes is a slice of flowing retro sound, layering a wide range of different synths together to create a track that is full of the sensation of warm tropical nights and glowing neon lights. It created the mental images of a white convertible Porsche 911 gliding through the Miami darkness.

Deep, oscillating and edgy bass moves in waves as full, rich synth swells out over it. The synths are imbued with glowing energy as the unique retro percussion throbs underneath the rising waves. The lead synth melody sings out now, warm and all encompassing, as the drum keeps moving in a pulsing pattern. The shifting, dreaming melody breaks up into expanding pulses as flashes of synth glow with starry light and the oscillating bass keeps throbbing.

The music breaks into a delicate flow while a medium-high synth carries quick patterns of computerized notes and shimmering arpeggios that leap through the track. All of the musical elements shift in the space around them and fade out into a gentle gliding sweep of sound that fades into quiet darkness.

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