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Synth Single Review: "Meet The Horizon" by Electron Odyssey


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Electron Odyssey’s Meet The Horizon is a whirlwind of bright synth light, gigantic drums and a melody that leaps with wild abandon. The track starts with a descending flurry of sound before the thick, open-feeling synth is joined by hard-hitting, gigantic sounding drums.

A pulse of sound bursts with light as a low synth plays a melody with weight and power. A steady, slow oscillating synth bursts to a twisting and slightly distorted melodic line that roams and leaps, moving in a spinning and energetic pattern.

After another massive sounding drum fill, glowing chimes match the melody’s wild abandon as it whirls and dances. A tight, sparkling synth shines out over the metallic sound that rings in a throbbing pulse over the weight of the drums and shifting bass. A tinkling, glassy synth cuts over the soaring and emotive lead synth solo before fading out into silence with the bright metallic pulse disappearing into silence.

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