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Synth Single Review: "Magic (Synthfam Remix)" by Nakatomi Freefall and guests

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Nakatomi Freefall’s Magic (Synthfam Remix) brings together guest singers to lend their unique, expressive vocals to the glowing, energetic and emotive music that flows around them. The song opens with a tense, wriggling and mechanical synth sound along with a robotic vocal sample.

The heavy, solid drums pound below glowing synths that rise in waves, drifting out with a triumphant sound, as the expressive vocals come in. Mike Mertes from Unleaded Logic is the first singer and his voice is tinged by nostalgic melancholy.

The vocal melody is delicate and hopeful as the heartbeat of drums underpins it. James O’Brien of Porn on Beta sings the chorus and adds emotive power to the song.

Joanna Simmons of Ojibwave’s voice thrums with expression and strength while cascades of rich synth sing with her. The bridge section is sung with uplifting energy by Corey Hobbis and the track has a feeling of hope that drives home the message of the lyrics.

Feelings of hope, loss and longing permeate this song. The first words create a feeling of ease as they say, “I can see the fields of green and the wind touch my face.”

There’s a sense of brimming hope in the lines, “The magic of summer is here, and its warmth brings escape.” A feeling of coming together is expressed in the words,”that warmth brings people and the feeling of embrace.”

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The impermanence of the season is reflected as the song speaks of the fleeting ecstasy it brings. The song also speaks of the meaning of it bringing “life to this race.” There is a plaintive quality to the words, “Can you take me by the hand?…it’s so tragic that it ever has to end.”

The song emphasizes the importance of living in each moment in the words, “The sound and the light, the glittering night, we only get this one chance.” The soaring feeling of freedom pours from the line, “My heart has never felt so free and I will never let this feeling flee from me.”

The next verse talks about “the wonder filling me with pride just like the clouds echo with thunder” and adds the comment that the narrator will never feel so weak again and that all their fears will be “torn asunder.”

Powerful imagery is brought to bear to illustrate the fleeting moment in the line, “remaining hours are crumbling towers” and the song concludes that “though it seems we are living in a dream, you gotta believe just one more time to feel…"

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