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Synth Single Review: "Mages" by Color Theory

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Color Theory’s Mages tells the tale of an ancient mage of youthful dreams being willed into being. The track begins with a quickly throbbing beat and a cascade of synth sounds that dance back and forth and flow from channel to channel underneath his delicate voice as the shimmering patterns of sound descend.

Round, open-sounding pulses of synth move out through the music with all the elements feeling light and ethereal. The lead melody has a slightly choppy quality to it and small pieces of synth burst out and through it. That lead is mystical and drifting, wandering a little while the percussion keeps up its throb.

There’s a texture and sense of motion as high synths flare and fly through, shifting and floating pulses in the open spaces of the track. The song has a dreamy quality to it that matches the lyrical content.

The way in which all of the lyrical elements fit together creates some strong imagery. I like the description of a mage as one with a “glowing staff and armour fashioned out of cloth, manipulating space and time with words and thoughts.”

The narrator speaks about the “marriage of knowledge and wisdom.” The mage is “arcane royalty” to whom he’ll swear his loyalty as he adds “this incantation is a dedication to you.”

In the chorus, the narrator talks of the mages who are the “guiding light of the ages” and speaks of the mage who wants to be made real. There is a sense of loss in the words, “tragic, tragic don’t believe in your magic.” Our narrator says “some will dismiss you as a youthful fantasy” and adds that he felt the same until the mage showed herself to him.

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I enjoyed the imagery in the lines, “The door to another world open, with my faith in reality broken” and says that he “fell from the ramparts into the ocean” and now “in slow motion I drown in you.”

He continues by talking about the mages turning history’s pages and again as the mage wants to be made real, “Tragic, tragic I believe in your magic.”

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