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Synth Single Review: "Low Res " by Artemis’s Arrow

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Artemis’s Arrow's Low Res is a track full of depth and complex sounds. A steady, low thud is joined by handclaps and a hang drum in open, airy space. The hang drum carries a thread of repeating, floating sound while a metallic beat shapes the track, the drums adding a deeper dimension. A bright, energetic melody emerges singing out on an organ-like synth while digital glitches move along with a creaky higher sound.

There’s a dynamic beat and the track breaks into a distorted and open pulse of quickly oscillating sound. The gritty, warm organ plays a bright pattern that bends and distorts while the dull, hollow thud goes on. The track morphs as the bouncing digital noises pop in while the beat is a solid pulse moving on beneath the glitching. The gritty organ pattern creates a tightly knit tapestry with all the other elements before fading out as the form begins to break down through glitches and bleeps into silence.

© 2021 Karl Magi

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