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Synth Single Review: "Look The Sun Is Rising" by Caboan


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Caboan’s Look The Sun is Rising captures the energy and warmth of the sunrise in a synth tapestry. Stark, sharp drums open the track along with a strong, propulsive bass throb while warm synth whorls climb delicately above the other elements of the music. A steady, elevated synth pulse continues as the full, organ-like synth carries a yearning melody that reaches out toward the delicate, hazily lit clouds swirling around it.

The melody repeats as the throbbing bass and drum heartbeat is touched by a light, distant arpeggio. A softly shimmering synth chimes out a hypnotic, fragile pattern that adds texture to the music over the far off mists. The organ-like lead synth returns with a warm, entrancing melodic pattern. The beat keeps adding shape and direction to the music. The melody repeats on a lower synth while the shining, glittering chimes move with the gentle synth flows that fade out into silence.

© 2021 Karl Magi

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