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Synth Single Review: "Long Distance Call to Bonggitaria" by Bonggita

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Bonggita’s single Long Distance Call to Bonggitaria is full of unique sonic textures and ear-grabbing sounds. It begins with a softly hissing background noise and pulses of thick synth sound. Those pulses slowly oscillate as a high chip tune lead plays quick, cutting notes over a deep bass pulse. There are varied bursts of vocal-sounding synth and a telephone being dialled also chopped into short segments.

A slow, warm-sounding arpeggio spins through and then a gently winding, chip-based melody line moves over deep bass oscillations and the pounding of drums. There’s a rather mysterious and lost quality to that medium-high chip lead as the deep, oscillating pulses of bass shift under another spinning arpeggio.

There’s a break to a slower, strongly pulsing segment of bass with choppy chip noises drifting through followed by a crying, bending melodic segment moves in, leaping and soloing with energy over the slower pulses under it.

Various stuttering, jumping sounds also move in and through the track and the deep, solid drum and bass pulse adds shape under the roving, spinning synth moving over the top of it before the track returns to the “A” section again.

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