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Synth Single Review: "Live For One" by Goudzoeker & Liquid Modern

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Goudzoeker & Liquid Modern’s Live For One commences with a galaxy of bright chimes, a gigantic retro drumbeat and panpipe synths. The panpipes pop through the music in a bending, dancing line and funky slap bass adds weight.

Kojette’s easily gliding vocals carry the energizing, positive-feeling melody over the rebounding drums. Glowing, rising synths trumpet out a propulsive melody while the funky bass guides the music.

Kojette’s vocals capture the excitement in the lyrics as panpipes bubble through the music with a lively energy. After a drum fill, the vocals cascade again while shining, climbing synths surge with pure happiness and bass adds more power.

Through it all, the huge retro drums rebound. The vocal melody is full of life and suits Kojette’s singing style as gleaming synths and panpipes guide the track to an end.

The narrator talks about how “day turns to night in the city” and as the night lights begin to shine, her “expectations rise” as she drives “through the maze of cars” she hears “their cries.” She sees the reflections as she drives past in a “race to outrun the cold.”

In the chorus, our storyteller says she’s impatient and just wants to live without knowing “right from wrong” because “ignorance can be fun.” She asks the other person in the song to drive until the sunrise because she wants the night to go on and on. She adds, “My neon dreams are coming true. I won’t wake without you.”

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Now the narrator talks about “they offer you praise and thrills” as the carpet is rolled out. She points out that “all eyes are on us now” and it is as if they are royalty. Our narrator says that the two of them are surrounded by “glowing reflections.”

The storyteller says that she doesn’t want the night to end, adding that “I know I’ll never see you again.” She wonders if the other person is meant for her because “we can’t deny our destiny.” As the song winds down, the narrator points out that the other person said that “you can’t say no to me” so she concludes “So just say yes for me. We can do this forever and ever.”

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