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Synth Single Review: "Live At Hammersmith" by Pauli Laine

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Pauli Laine’s Live At Hammersmith has an energetic, dance-y feeling to it that brims with positive emotions and a sense of propulsive energy. A steady, powerful kick drum is joined by a bursting, tight-sounding synth with rough edges. That synth carries a dancing melody that climbs and reaches with positive energy as the distorted lyrics with their robotic feeling intertwine with the melody as it rises towards the sky.

Delicate and warm piano adds its voice to the emotional content of the music as the endless beat throbs onwards and clouds of rising synth sound carry that hopeful and energetic melody. The robotic vocals come in to add their technological feel to the track. A minor key pattern of notes contrasts with lighter sounds as the piano adds another layer of expression.

The balance between more robotic, mechanical sounds and the piano’s melancholy and sad feeling creates an interesting tension in the music. The mix of more “organic” sounds with the pure synth sounds keeps the listener engaged in the track.

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