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Synth Single Review: "Lights In The Sky" by S A Z E R

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S A Z E R’s Lights in the Sky tells the tale of a being from another world stranded on Earth and yearning to go home. The song begins with quick bursts of choppy synth sound that join rapidly whirling arpeggios that glow with warm light. The deep bass throbs out in uneven pulses and the drums charge while Teresa Meads’ dynamic, strong vocals call out.

The synth melody has a shimmering quality as it dances around the vocal melody. The drums throb with retro power and add motion to the song. The alien voices add another touch as the wriggling synth melody flows along with bursts of radio traffic and the edgy snarl of a lower synth. The song breaks into a slower, throbbing beat as the bright synth cries out over the solid beat and Teresa Meads’ passionate vocals.

There is an aching, yearning centre of emotion in the lyrics of this song about a visitor from another world who reminds another alien of their home. The words begin with a plaintive question, “Where did you go after your flashing lights? You disappeared into the dead of night.” Our narrator wonders when this alien visitor will return to Earth after “traveling light years across the galaxy.”

The narrator muses about how the other visitor is gone in a flash after lights appear in the sky. There’s a feeling of loss in the line, “lights in the dark remind me of home.” I enjoy the imagery as the narrator speaks of the visitor’s lights being gone “quicker than lightning into a starry sky.”

The yearning is palpable in the lines, “When will I see you, will you come back to rescue me? Take me home across the galaxy.” The desire for home keeps growing, even though the narrator knows that the “journey may be long.”

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