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Synth Single Review: "Life" by Klurig

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Klurig’s Life thrums with energy and overflows with melodic warmth. The track begins as distant, warming notes swell into the music in a sunny shine. A smoothly throbbing beat glides in while the high chimes flash out and a round, medium-high synth carries a melody bursting with life and a heart-warming emotional tenor.

The string-like sound of a secondary synth weaves in and around the uplifting melody as it sings out as chimes sparkle. The melody is tinged with more melancholy emotion as it drifts into a flowing segment. Computerized voices are surrounding by gliding, gentle synths and a piano carries the dreaming, hurting melody.

Underneath all of the sonic elements, the dense bass and massive drums propel the music forward. The piano plays a secondary melodic line that interacts with flashing synths and the melody sings out. Chimes shimmer as the drumbeat and bass press on and the elevated synths gleam. The music bursts out again before fading on bright shine

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