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Synth Single Review: "Life and Time" by The Subtheory and The Last Years

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The Subtheory and The Last Years’ single Life and Time is a passionate expression of love and emotion that combines shimmering synths with strong vocals and affecting lyrics. The song starts with accelerating oscillations of slightly edgy synth sliding out behind broken up vocal samples that drifting through the music.

The Last Year’s vocalist has the same strength and energy in his vocals, delivering a passionate performance over the weight and depth of the bass. There’s a breaking, slightly stuttering beat under the rising vocal melody. An oscillating, energetic synth line roams through over the extreme depth of the bass that adds strength to the track. The soaring vocal melody is so emotive and full of gentleness as the drums and bass flow and throb.

Love pours from the words of this song. I am drawn to the first line as our narrator says, “Emotion it flashes around me and we find the night” and there is a sense of inspiration in the words, “I fell fast but you’re right here and I see your light.”

Like a beacon for the narrator, “your fire, it burns bright” and the lyrics muse that, “love is a funny game but we found that one thing that will keep us alive.” There’s a heartfelt declaration in the words of the chorus, “I’ll wait a lifetime to find a love like the one you gave to me.” The narrator affirms that, “I’m alright, we’re alright tonight.”

Our narrator declares that he’ll be devoted for “always and all time” and adds that he’s reminded of “all of your words said and each second that passed.” He concludes, “Just take this, all of me. Just take everything, it’s yours now for always and all time.”

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