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Synth Single Review: "Life Flex Ultra" by Dream Commander

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Dream Commander’s Life Flex Ultra is a dynamic, propulsive synth blast with a strong melody and interlocking musical elements. Colossal, retro drums burst forth as an elevated, glowing synth carries a dynamic melody. The melody is permeated by a sense of leaping hope and forward motion.

The drums and bass create strong propulsion as twisting, broad sounds writhe underneath the glittering lead synth as it arcs skyward. The drums are truly gigantic in the track. The music leaps into a segment in which a digital-sounding, medium-high synth whirls a in an intricate solo over the steady drumbeat.

Arpeggios spin out in rapid lines and the powerful drums burst in a fierce line and are doubled by urgently pulsing synths. A wildly whirling arpeggio unfolds and the drums batter and drive. Above the percussion, digital sounding synth dances back into the main melody, flying along and exuding uplifting and energizing feelings over the massive drums that flourish as the track ends.

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