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Synth Single Review: "Let's Go!" by Jonathan McField

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Jonathan McField’s Let's Go! Is a fun, active blast of funky retro synth and strong, playful vocals that also capture a real ‘80s feeling. The track kicks into life with a rushing burst of glowing, bright synths as funky slap bass moves underneath shifting strings. Jonathan McField’s strong expressive vocals, impassioned and energetic, echo out as they carry the entertaining lyrics.

Crystal sparkles of synth move over the huge drums and the slap bass groove. The jazzy sax groove sits in the pocket as sweet strings sing and a glockenspiel shimmers. Jonathan McField’s vocals are so tasty over the drum and bass grooving as the sax adds another level of expression.

The lyrics of the song are plain fun. It’s a party song and the best part is the way JM just lets loose. He gets right into the spirit of the song as he belts out lyrics like, “Come on baby, let’s go darling, let’s get freaky. I’ll be holding you tonight” and sings that he’s “Looking for some fun, night has just begun.” It’s nothing serious but it is entertaining.

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