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Synth Single Review: "Leave So Soon" by James Burt, Dimi Kaye & Yoru

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James Burt,Yoru & Dimi Kaye bring their talents together on Leave So Soon which explores yearning, loss and passion. A punchy retro drumbeat launches into crystalline synth flashing out over the propulsion below it. Yoru’s synth production skills are evident in the music. James Burt’s voice is silken, emotive and strongly evokes ‘80s vocalists as it carries the gliding vocal melody over dancing, medium-high arpeggios.

The drums and bass throb as the chorus leaps up, impassioned and aching. James Burt’s voice suits the retro synthpop feeling that permeates the music and the pulsating beat pushes the music on. The gleaming high synths accent the yearning melody as the music unfolds.

There’s a break into a delicate, caressing segment in which sparkling synths twinkle and high arpeggios flicker over solid drums. Dimi Kaye’s skilled fingers coax an emotive, intricate solo from his guitar as it flies out over the throbbing drums and bass. Now James Burt’s strong, touching vocals cry out again as the song shimmers and finally fades.

Our narrator paints a vivid picture of streetlights shining on the freeway as he drives “like lightning” just to be with the song’s subject. In the moonlight “long roads are winding” and he says that all he can do is “keep driving” without the other person.

The narrator wonders why the other person had to leave so quickly “when all I need is just another hour of you.” He asks his beloved to save him and “take me in your arms tonight.” He goes on to ask why the other person makes him wait and why they are all he can think of all day.

Now the storyteller says that the song’s subject is his “silver lining” so he’ll keep driving on just to be with that person. As the “sunrise on the horizon” appears, he continues to drive without the other person there. He admits that “I feel alone when you're not here ‘cause it's not home without you near.”

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