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Synth Single Review: "Last Time" by The Last Days of November

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The Last Days of November’s single Last Time combines a delicate swirl of synth sound with affecting lyrics and Olivia Zulke’s caressing, rich voice. A smooth, gliding flow of oscillating bass is joined by a ghostly, ethereal flow of gentle synth sounds that sweep up in a crescendo, feather light. Olivia Zulke’s voice has smoky tones and a deeply emotive feeling. The vocal melody has a sense of heartache over the steady bass pulse.

Echoing synth shines with fragile light, drifting along over the drum throb and into the song’s echoing spaces. Reverent notes slowly shift and a breeze drifts through the music. Olivia Zulke’s voice is melancholy as are the gentle piano-like notes that accent it. Distant, softly brushing synth notes float around the emotional expression of the vocals while the drums add a little shape to the music. Those small lights of sound flash and then fade away.

Deep love can drive human beings into powerful emotional states as this song describes. Our narrator begins by saying that “they think it’s a game, they say I’m crazy, that I never take life seriously.” She’s frustrated when the people she knows just laugh when she tries to explain her feelings for the person she’s drawn to.

In the chorus, she admits that she has to avoid talking about it and “keep all frozen inside” because “the last time I saw you, I just wanted to shout your name” but she doesn’t think the other person shares her feelings so “I can’t talk about it.”

The response of her friends is to think she’s foolish and not listen to her, “just when I need it the most.” She says that they don’t “know the truth, why I can’t let you go.” She finds the other person irresistible and concludes, “I just keep coming back for more and more. I cannot help myself.”

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