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Synth Single Review: "Last Ronin" by Millennium Falck

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Millennium Falck’s latest single Last Ronin is a track with a distinct feeling of robotic, mechanical action and unfolds a miniature story revolving around piloting a mecha-type machine, engaging in combat with enemy units. The track comes to life with shivering static and mechanical whirring along with the voice of the robot and vocal samples from different perspectives that unfold the tale.

There’s a steady, shifting throb of synth as the drums add drive along with the steady pulsing of shifting synth sounds. A tech-y sounding lead with a reverberating quality moves into the track along with the steady drumbeat and a shifting, moving synth line.

The beat propels the track, pushing forward, as there’s a break to the mournful duduk's* voice that cries out over xylophone-like notes that float easily over the vocal samples.The deep emotion in the mixture of duduk and xylophone fills me with an ache. The trumpeting, bright lead synth calls out with a triumphant but melancholy melody as the beat drifts on.

The lead cries out with passion over the drums and a shimmering arpeggio twirls around behind the other elements of the track. A soft organ sound flows in the background along with chiming and drifting sounds and the voice of the mech moves through the track.

*Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood.

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