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Synth Single Review: "Lack of Access" by Liquid Modern

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Liquid Modern’s Lack of Access calls out those in power and advocates for active change over an emotive synth backdrop. The song begins as an easily gliding sonic flow slips into the music and grows while trumpeting, glowing synth rises in warm bursts.

Throbbing drums and bass launch the song and the vocals are rich and warm, climbing up in a poppy line over the driving bass and drums. The vocal melody flickers and shifts between warmth and shadow, arcing upwards expressively while bursting swirls of shiny synth interlock.

The hollow, massive drums throb as the vocals are full with feeling and the melody climbs up above the pulsating drums and bass. The singer reaches out to express deep emotion as she delivers a message of making active change and escaping past limits.

The narrator starts by pointing out how everything is “so twisted” and adds that the powers that be are “playing us like we missed it.” She points out that people don’t have “the power for changing” so the powerful forces “just keep rearranging.”
The end result is the system only working for the people on top and “everyone is so damn through” as the narrator says.

She adds that “we can’t fix it, so why even try” as it has all gone “so far awry.” Our narrator talks about the powerful “take licks on our morality” while leading people to question what’s real.

She goes on to say that she doesn’t believe it any more and “a generation never heard is no more.” In a call to action, she calls to other people out there to tell them that history is being made and adds “be part of this story!”

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The storyteller points out that even as the powers that be are questioning the activism, “we keep changing” and all they’re doing is “estranging.”Ultimately our narrator goes on to say that the powerful will be “stuck in history” while those who resist “make our final plea.”

Now the storyteller calls for people to take up action as she says “I can’t do anything for you, this is something you must do.” She adds that people must “save us or save yourself” because it’s something that is hidden inside “as well.”

The narrator says that the people at the top “make life full of banality” and lie to “cover up your vanity” while they “believe in what you don’t any more.” She talks about how they’ve ignored the current generation but concludes that “we’re taking history, be part of the story.”

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