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Synth Single Review: "Keep Moving" by Star Madman and Drew Knight

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Star Madman and Drew Knight’s Keep Moving explores the intensity of deep desire and sensual connection. Soft whorls of airy, piping synth sound are joined by a digital shiver of light-filled sound and a swelling, throbbing retro drumbeat. Star Madman’s smooth, emotive, enfolding vocals carry a positive melody as Drew Knight’s powerful, equally expressive vocals intertwine with them.

Deep waves of rebounding synth support the vocal melody as it rises and flows out in a passionate line. Warm waves of full and creamy synth sound wash over the track and the beat pulsates onward. We fade to kick drum thump and glistening synths before the vocal duet launches again, the two singers working well together.

The narrator is out for fun and excitement in this song and she’s not going to take any prisoners. Her intent is clear as she announces, “Dance with me, babe or get outta my sight.” She adds that if he wants more than a good time, he should “move to the side.”

No punches are pulled as she points out that she “didn’t come here dressed like this to find love” and that he knows what kind of attention she is after. She goes on to say that if he’s “looking for a place to hide” he can “roll with me tonight” but if he wants more, she’s not it.

On the other hand, she’ll be what he needs for the night if he makes up his mind. Her goals are unambiguous as she says “Don’t make a sound. You’ve got too much to say” and reminds him that “we can get loud when we’re back at my place.”

The narrator goes on to say that they should put feelings aside and just have fun. As they start to leave, she asks him if he’s going to come along with her. She says that he should tell her what he needs “‘cause you know I'll give it you tonight” but she’s going to be “gone before the daylight.” She concludes, “Tell me what you want ‘cause I really think you need it tonight” and repeats that she’ll be gone in the morning.

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