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Synth Single Review: "Kaleefornya" by L'Avenue

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Artwork for "Kaleefornya" by L'Avenue

Artwork for "Kaleefornya" by L'Avenue

Kaleefornya, by L’Avenue, is a unique sounding track. It has quite a different flavour and feel than his Cherry Crush album. In my view, it's something that’s darkly ethereal but delicate. The soundscape flows and glides on the track. There are gentle synths that shine and deep bass that washes through to produce a rich background. However, there’s a ghostly feeling produced by the voices that move in and out.

Track Review for "Kaleefornya," by L'Avenue

This is a track with wide open spaces behind the chiming or bell-like sounds. I found the use of slightly twisted, distorted vocal samples effective in creating a vague air of menace. They added a detached and darkly dreamy quality to the music, contrasted with the gentle melody that dances into and through the track.

The combination of xylophone and bell-sounds that are lighter over the stronger, driving beat. Despite that beat’s throb, the whole track has a smoothness to it that keeps it from feeling too aggressive.

Kaleefornya produces a sensation of being carried along on waves of sound. The combination of ghostly sensations from those disembodied voices and the easy sounds that slide over the top of the music creates a detached feeling.

All in all, Kaleefornya is a piece of music with nicely interlaced soundscapes in between the throbbing drums, the delicate melody and those floating vocal samples that add a rather surreal element to everything. This single seems to mark an interesting direction in which L’Avenue can take his sound.

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