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Synth Single Review: "Just An Echo" by Color Theory & Minute Taker

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Minute Taker and Color Theory’s Just An Echo reminds people who are struggling with difficult times that things will eventually work out. Ben McGarvey and Brian Hazard’s voices blend into a warm harmony as the song begins. Steadily pulsing kick drum comes in below the harmonic vocals and rapidly throbbing bass joins the percussion.

Sparkling synth flickers as Brian Hazard’s uniquely resonant voice carries a melody that is gently hopeful. Ben McGarvey’s vocals ache and softly touch the ears. Now dynamic drums and bass are touched by quickly spinning, gleaming arpeggios.

The two singer’s voices suit the encouraging melody and lyrics. Brian Hazard and Ben McGarvey’s hope-filled vocals trade off, imparting the message to keep on moving forward beyond past pain. Shining synth sparkles delicately and the vaulting arpeggios eventually fall silent.

The narrator acknowledges that the person to whom he’s speaking is “feeling broken inside” as if everything is obscured by fog. He encourages that person to “give it time” as he’s confident they’ll make it through. He adds that the other person is “caught in the after-effects” but reminds them that “every wave will hit you with less violence.”

Our storyteller goes on to say that it’s a natural process and they will make it through. He acknowledges that the other person is feeling like quitting and adds “you don’t believe me but you’re strong enough.” He points out that time will heal the pain that person is feeling.

The song’s subject is encouraged not to let go because while it is painful now, “it’s just an echo, the end of a shadow.” The narrator adds “it hurts now I know” but says that it is “the last stop on the road home.”

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He realizes that the pain is “screaming so loud” now but each time it returns, it quiets down. He ends by saying “Just let it play out and you’ll get through this.”

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