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Synth Single Review: "It's Got To Me" by Strike Eagle

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Strike Eagle’s It's Got To Me is brimming with groovy energy, funky bass and brilliant brass hits. The lyrics are full of fun and positive vibes. The song opens to synth brass hits and a funky slap bass. Strike Eagle’s exciting, energetic vocals leap in. imbuing the whole song with power, while the brass bursts and cries out with passion.

There’s a more flowing segment with chimes shifting in crystalline shimmers moving under the vocals. The guitar dances and leaps in a minor key melody and the jazzy sax solo is joined by a darker bass pulsation and fragmenting drums.The guitar swirls in intricate notes and the sax flurries in with wild, reedy abandon.

Pure fun pours from the lyrics of this song. There’s a rush of energy as Strike Eagle belts out the lines, “Free, foot down on the highway, 8 track beats are rocking me. “ The sense of a dynamic drive on the open road is reflected in the lines, “Smile, one hand on the wheel. Feel that heat it’s taking me.”

The intoxicating rush of exhilaration is expressed in the words of the chorus, “Top-down. Rev up now, feel the sound. Got to scream out loud.” The narrator shouts that he’s being hypnotized by it.

The drive is over as “sun sets on the horizon” but as they pull up on the beach the night is just starting. The narrator says, “Dance, shadows in the twilight. Beckoning me to feel the beat.” Our storyteller feels the heat and he’s “making faces to the vibe that’s overtaking me!”

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The song ends as he shouts, “(Whoa) It’s got to me (Whoa) You’ve got to be free!”

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