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Synth Single Review: "Interlinked" by ALPHABOT


ALPHABOT's Interlinked has a sere, powerful and aching atmosphere.The entire track is suffused with a sense of portent as it unfolds. Rushing wind and the sound of unsealing doors is joined by gigantic, slowly trembling synths that flow in ominous slabs.

Wide-sounding, medium-low synth carries a melancholy, majestic melody as vibrating chimes ring out. Hard-hitting drums slam as angular bass slabs convey a sense of lurking danger, waiting to attack. Brightly glowing, orchestral synths arpeggiate in gleaming lines above the towering bass power below them. After a drum flourish, the lead synth glows with dark power, carrying the pained melody.

Delicately drifting, rounded synth roams mournfully as sweeping wind flows and drums throb to guide the track forward. The main melody has a desolate, glowing strength as slowly undulating, high synth leaps up while choral voices chant reverently above looming bass. A delicate arpeggio ends the track.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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