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Synth Single Review: "In Your Dreams" by Furry Logic

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Furry Logic’s In Your Dreams is a journey from depression to strength through interlocking synths, well-crafted lyrics and an expressive vocal performance. A solidly throbbing beat and broad, medium-low, metallic synths move in an angular line over the bouncing drums.

Furry Logic’s voice feels tender and emotive and the vocal melody is gentle over the metallic width of the expanding synths and throbbing drums. There’s a contrast between Furry Logic’s soft vocals and the darker, heavier feeling of the bouncing drums and surging synths. The lyrics are full of passion despite the lighter quality of the vocals while the throbbing beat and shifting, flashing synths flow in a pulsing, sharp-edged line.

The narrator talks about how he feels like “this waiting has been forever” and that “they” say it’ll be over soon but “it feels like never.” He asks, “Is it really?” Our narrator goes on to say that you try to “watch TV and the walls to stay sane” but staring at the ceiling is what “eases the pain.”

The narrator talks about how the light is coming back after “being lost in the middle ages.” He creates a beautiful image of how “we are reaching to the sky as flowers needing sunlight and rain on our faces.” He adds that now we’re as pure as newborn babies and we wash away “the infected zombies we were in the darkest hours.”

Our narrator says that as we “take away the memories of our deepest fears” we are mending “the shattered mirrors to see the clear skies again.” He says that we “refuse to be part of the insanity” or let them “accuse us of profanity.” The narrator concludes, “we refuse to let them sentence us to mundanity!"

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