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Synth Single Review: "In Waiting" by Galactic Tapes

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Galactic Tapes’ In Waiting contrasts warmth, shadow, shine and grit as all of its elements intertwine. Dark, harsh synth shifts in deep lines over the steady drumbeat that shapes the track. Vibrating lines of medium-high synth move in trembling drifts, shivering out into the track’s open space.

The medium-high synth moves in melodic waves over metallic, clashing, clanking sounds. Warmer, fuller notes rise to support the vibrating lines of synth that ripple outward over the dark flow of deep, hard hitting bass.

There’s a contrast between the warm glow that rises from the drifting synths and full chords and the shadowed surge that shifts underneath them. The trembling synths call out in a rippling pattern that seems to reach forward. A shimmering line of delicate notes gently moves over the strong drums and that steady sonic vibration, glowing even more intensely as they shift against the urgently moving synth below.

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