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Synth Single Review: "In The Night" by Daniel Hugh & Emily Zuzik

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Daniel Hugh and Emily Zuzik’s In The Night comes into being as urgent, hard-edged synth blasts into the music along with clapping percussion to form an aggressive pattern. Emily Zuzik’s rich, soulful voice cries out in an energizing melody and the chorus soars upwards, drenched into aching emotion with majestically rising notes.

The hard-hitting drums throb rough-edged synth creates an entrancing form while Emily Zuzik’s powerfully expressive voice leaps upward in a hoping, hurting line. Piano-like synth ripples through a smoothly, delicately touching pattern and a whistling synth distantly floats as the vocals tremble with deep emotion. Emily Zuzik captures all of the feeling in the lyrics with her luscious, heartfelt performance.

The narrator describes the song’s subject as “mud kicks, stones, sticks, wet slick” and he comes sliding in sideways on his motorbike. She describes him as a “rogue on two wheels” as he leaves with a “cylinder pout” and explains that he’s haunted as he chases demons with “gripping tread through the fog and storm.” Our narrator wonders what’s gotten into him in his “driving rhythm” as she adds that the bed’s still warm as he leaves in the night.

Our storyteller continues by saying that “we go our own way, it’s all I will say, I don’t argue.” She talks about how his “needles kiss” along with “thoughts of danger” that are complex and “sublime.” There’s a mention of his “beating helmet keeping time” in the moments when he tosses and then makes “flights of fancy wild.” The narrator talks about how she can hear the “racing spirit” of the song’s subject and she ends, “I lie with a troubled child."

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