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Synth Single Review: "In The Event of Moon Disaster" by Drew Morgan

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Drew Morgan’s In The Event of Moon Disaster is dark, tense and unsettling ambient synth music. It is full of melancholy, worry and a sensation of impending loss and desolation as it unfolds.

“In The Event of Moon Disaster” starts as a steady electronic beeping can be heard moving into an open, reverent sonic flow along with distant voices warning of imminent failure while an astronaut calls out, asking for help.

A soft synth sound inhales and exhales while the beeping sound continues, forming a slightly uneven pulse. Drums lightly touch the music and the words of speech prepared for Richard Nixon by William Safire in case Apollo 11 failed form a haunting emotional statement.

Low synths breathe in and out, as the steady electronic beep creates a hypnotizing pattern while the speech fragments are chilling. The synth gains a secondary layer, higher and trembling, while a static crackle and the plaintive voice of the astronaut reaches out to ears that can’t hear and the steady beeping fades.

The narrator’s voice says “I need to throw this away, it’s too much, it’s too close. I need to throw it away” to open “Breathe.” A steady bass throb shifts and ominous, medium-low synth carries a tense-feeling melodic pattern. Drums softly brush and distant warning chimes repeat a pattern that only increases the feelings of nervousness.

Elevated, gliding and glowing synth flows out in a mournful line and the tight chiming notes wriggle. Under it all, a gritty bass flow trembles. The narrator adds, “I don’t think this is the right thing for me, right now. I think that I just have to accept it, scrap it, start again. I need to throw this away.” The steady, low bass thrum is a quick heartbeat and distant synth floats out with a brushing hiss.

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The synth pattern surges into a trance-like, heaving pulse and the drums keep stuttering. A descending, lugubrious note pattern shifts with the hypnotic pulse that goes on and on, adding an unsettling feeling to the track. Full synth notes keep dropping in and the tight, chiming sounds raise more worried feelings.

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