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Synth Single Review: "In Love" by Synthetik Blonde

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Synthetik Blonde’s In Love is a passionate, energetic and positive expression of emotion. It kicks off with a quickly expanding, oscillating series of synth ripples that flows into the track as Synthetik Blonde’s voice over lays out her story of meeting the right person to be with. The beat throbs on, pulsating as the synths ripple outwards, while swirling synths glide through.

The expressive vocals tremble into the track as the beat presses on and gentle, warm sounds float through. Electric guitar cascades through the song in glowing, sliding notes that are full of passion. The beat throbs while the uplifting chorus soars out and over the even direction of the beat. There’s an airy feeling as bright synths shimmer through and Synthetik Blonde keeps emoting in her full voice as the synths dance on.

This is the tale of our narrator meeting the love of her life. In a spoken monologue, she talks about how life’s twists and turns can result in unexpected and wonderful outcomes. As the song begins, she walks in to meet her friends and hears the band playing in a “rumble of life, alive.” As she looks across the full dance floor, she meets the guitarist’s “beautiful blue eyes” as he “rocked [his] guitar frets.”

She adds that some might say it was love at first sight, but all she knows is that “your eyes were holding mine all night.” The narrator talks about his “shit eating grin like you knew who I was before…I walked in.”

At the time, she says that if she’d been told her life would change, she’d tell “you to give your crazy head a shake.” She adds that she thought she wouldn’t find love again because “I've been broken beyond, never though it would mend.” On the night they met, she talks about how she won’t forget “your eyes singing my heart’s song” and how she was “lost in love” by the night’s end.

Now she talks about all the things he means to her as he "came and took my hand said don't look baby, run with me as fast as you can.” I also enjoy the line that says “My heart was built for two, it skips a beat when I'm near you.” The song is a declaration of deep love and affection.

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