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Synth Single Review: "In For The Win" by Thorisson and Hedband

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Thorisson and Hedband create a dynamic, positive sensation through the energetic music and upbeat lyrics of In For the Win. A steady, minor key synth arpeggio dances and deep waves of bass rise below Hedband’s strong, expressive voice with its unique timbre to open the song. The throbbing beat leaps with energy and the dynamic, soaring vocal melody climbs above it.

Thorisson’s production foregrounds the vocals as the beat drives the track forward, the drums pumping. The chorus jumps in as the angular sax solo cries out. The drums throb as Hedband’s vocals dominate and the bright background doubles with the vocals. This track is propulsive and inspiring.

This is a song full of positivity and hope. As we open, the narrator confidently announces that the games are just starting. She continues, “I learned along the way, I can tell you I was born to play.” She points out that she might not “look the part” or take the usual direction, but “you know I’m here to stay.”

The chorus has our narrator saying that she’s in for the win and she’s “finding my strength within…follow the big dream in, I’m shooting for the stars.” After the chorus, she talks about how the games are going on and she’s “learning how to play” although “you can follow” you shouldn’t get in her way.

Even when she feels the pain and is beaten down she says, “I won't break. No matter what I'll find my way to shine!” Ultimately the trophy is hers. She affirms that when things get tough she’ll “be there to cover for you. I got your back no matter what” because she knows that “you’d do it for me too.”

The song concludes, “I hope you know I will never bring you down! I lift you up!”

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