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Synth Single Review: "I Was An '80s Kid" by Spadwave


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Spadwave’s I Was An ‘80s Kid opens with the growl of deep synth bass that comes in bursts below the metallic shimmer of the chiming lead synth that sings out an uplifting melody tinged with melancholy.

There’s a bouncing beat from the solid retro drums as a bubbling, medium-low synth carries shifting chords add support to the track. The glittering lead synth melody carries feelings of hope and memory in it.

Rapid waves of arpeggios carried on a bright, medium-high synth are broken by grittier bass pulses as a floating, gliding synth rises in warm chords. The drums add propulsion below the spinning arpeggios that frolic through the track and that lead melody again sings out, full of the memory of days gone by.

Cascading waves of deep bass support the secondary melody that has a glowing, singing quality to it as its calls out. The track breaks into a gentle ending as the glimmer flows into silence.

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