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Synth Single Review: "I Could Not Forget (Manhatten Vaporwave Remix)" by Manhatten & MicroMatscenes


Manhatten’s vaporwave remix of MicroMatscenes’ I Could Not Forget has a soft-focus, diffuse feeling adding a sense of loss. A background hiss, like a cassette tape, moves with intensely rich bass.An echoing, disembodied vocal sample floats out as warmly intertwining synth with a hollow feeling drifts in soft sonic space.

The vaporwave sound causes all of the musical elements to tangle and blur together. The throbbing drumbeat and unctuous bass interlock while the disembodied vocals float past. Twisting, glittering chimes bend through the track.

The music’s misty, indistinct quality adds a hazy feeling as flashing chimes wriggle while the pulsing bass has a wobbly quality. The distorted vocals add a deeper sound as hollow, open synth wanders in a warm and sunny line. The track’s percussive heartbeat washes in a fuzzy line. Sunny chimes flicker through the music’s rounded space before everything fades into quiet.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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