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Synth Single Review: "Hyperspeed" by Aeronexus

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Artwork by Harry Rowlands

Artwork by Harry Rowlands

Aeronexus’ Hyperspeed paints a picture of a starship rocketing through the vastness of space, the stars blurring into rushing light as the ship engages its hyperdrive. The track explodes into wildly whirling motion as the heavy bass and drums leap forward along with starry synth chords.

A powerful, dramatic melody full of a feeling of flight and uplifting energy sings out on a gruff-edged, medium high synth. The minor key melody has an ancient sound to it as it flies along smoothly.

There’s a return to the roaming, leaping synth pattern with bright chords glowing behind it above the throbbing drums and bass. The track moves into a segment with slashing, hard edged synths that growl out as a higher synth with an echoing, string-like quality cries out above it.

The “A” section of the track comes in again, accelerating in leaping synth lines. The main melody moves in once more to tell its tale of soaring adventure through the stars. The guttural, sharp-edged synth section comes in, balanced by the shining chords behind it before the track ends.

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