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Synth Single Review: "Hunter's Moon" by Kizunaut

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Kizunaut’s Hunter’s Moon is a darkly powerful, terror-filled musical journey for this autumnal season of shadow and threat. Spectral howling starts the track as a dark, seething mass of notes with bright highlights is joined by a throbbing beat. An oscillating synth is joined by a nervously spinning arpeggio as medium-high, shiny notes move in terse lines over the jagged edges of rising bass. The jabbing oscillation is joined by taut electric guitar before blocks of heavy synth slam into the track in descending lines.

A tightly wound, elevated line of notes writhes before the music returns to lost, chiming arpeggios and a dense surge of medium-high synth, playing a threatened sounding melody over the slice of harder sound below it. The guitar’s restrained melodic pattern shifts and the juddering attack of the gritty bass contrasts with the tense, elevated synth thrumming above it. The guitar surges and cuts over the relentless beat and bass. The music fades out on dark swirl and ghostly noise.

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