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Synth Single Review: "House of the Rising Sun" Covered by Coolmowee

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Coolmowee’s House of the Rising Sun cover creates a fascinating neo-folk vibe with a synth edge. A violin introduction sets a classic tone to this re-presentation of the traditional ballad, tinged with mournful and lost feelings. A rippling arpeggio and an organ sound comes in along with Coolmowee’s deep, strong voice as a hollow synth sparkle trembles through the track. All of the aching emotion and expression in the timeless words comes through in Coolmowee’s vocals.

A steady snare drum and bass throb guides the music as the trickling, textured synth riff keeps shaping it. Twinkling, elevated synth adds an accent and the rough-edged keyboard solo mingles intricacy and expression as it unfolds over the steady drum heartbeat. Breathy panpipe sounds and chimes flicker to accent Coolmowee’s powerful voice as the arpeggio keeps fluttering in the distance. The timeless lyrics are brought into a synthpop context, but keep their original emotional tenor. The arcing vocals carry the song out on the unforgettable melody and the softly brushing drums.

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