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Synth Single Review: "Holding Time In My Hands" by Voidrunner

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Voidrunner’s Holding Time In My Hands is a fusion of rocking energy, strong vocals and lyrics and an interplay of synth sounds along with the more rock-fuelled elements in the song. It opens with a distant warm sweep of oscillating, swelling synths all rising up together. A higher shimmer of synth wheels in a bright arpeggio as Britton Shrum’s electric guitar cries out with passion and intricate energy.

The arpeggios whirl and the guitar moves over a smooth beat. George Rich’s strong and impassioned vocals intertwine with the guitar, delivering the verses as the beat keeps up its pulse. The guitar dances high over the oscillating synth pulses and whirling arpeggios move through. Britton Shrum’s guitar solo, full of expression and rising energy, leaps into the track and shreds, spins and flies.

This song explores feelings of loss through time. In my mind, it’s a father’s song to about his daughter. As the song begins, our narrator reminds us to “take a little time to keep your eyes on her” because “one day it’s fine, the rest is just a blur” and he asks how he can slow the time down.

There’s a sense of something sliding away as the chorus begins, “I'm holding time in my hands. The days float away.” There’s an aching feeling as our narrator says plaintively, “If only you could stay.”

Realization dawns in the lines, “When the time is right, you'll need to let her go” and he knows that eventually she will fly if he lets her grow.

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