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Synth Single Review: "Hold Onto Me" by Tim Woodruff


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Tim Woodruff’s Hold Onto Me combines lyrical words, impassioned singing and a richly woven musical backing. The song swells into being with flashes of dense, glittering synth that flow out through space as the solid drums batter. Tim Woodruff’s expressive vocals, clear and well-delivered, carry the lyrics while the dense drums thunder and the synth flickers and leaps.

There’s a break into rising clouds and a light-filled arpeggio swirls as the drums keep up their big pulse. The drums and bass support the shining synth flashes that cut over and through the song. Electric guitar cries out, feeling triumphant as it climbs before breaking to softly pulsing drums and a shimmer of glowing sound. The arpeggios spin and crescendo over the drums while the vocals soar out above it all.

This song’s lyrics are full of yearning, fear and need. The narrator opens by stating “the world is what you make of it or so they always say” and in his case he says he’s “an astronaut, free falling out in space.” He talks about chaos that arrives “in the quiet” like an explosion from the sky to destroy “everything I’ve ever known” in fire.

Worry thrums in the questions, “What if I lose my tether? What if my line is severed?” He addresses the song’s subject and asks them if they’d hold onto him if his “heart is shattered, all of my pieces scattered.” The narrator feels a loss of control as he is “weightlessly careening toward an end I cannot see” as meteors of “doubt and chaos” fly all around him.

As the darkness spreads, he’s sure he’s finished when "a hand reaches out to catch me and I see that it is you.” He asks that person to hold onto his hand and not let go. The song ends as he calls out in desperation that he let go and lost control. In response, the other person says, “I”m in control. Hold on! Hold onto me!’

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