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Synth Single Review: "Hide The Sun" by Anniee

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Anniee’s Hide The Sun is a song about rising again after a relationship’s ending. It begins as gliding tendrils of misty sound and Anniee’s voice echo out together. Glowing synths dance through as the ethereal vocals mover over a steady bass heartbeat. Anniee’s voice is full, strong and trembling with emotion over the heavy, steady drum and bass pulse. Sharp synths slide as the melancholy vocal melody drifts out.

The vocals take on a more positive twist as the shining synths flicker over the bursting drums. Anniee’s voice captures all of the emotion in the lyrics over the clapping percussion and the elevated synth sparkle contrasts with her singing. The melody mingles pain and hope that deepens in feeling as synths ripple and gleam and Anniee pours her heart into the words. The throbbing drums bounce, stop and bounce in a stuttering pattern before the song winds down.

Our narrator addresses the song’s subject and tells that person not to “call it what it was” because she can’t “face the truth” that she’s lost him. She talks about how the other person left her “all alone” and went with someone new, but she now realizes it’s time to let go of them. The narrator tells the song’s subject to go their own way and adds “I'm not afraid. I'm going to find my light.”

There’s a certain defiance as our narrator challenges the other person to “hide the sun and take away my light” because she’ll still shine. She tells the other person that they can “cast me out into the darkest night” because again she will shine on brightly.

Finally she’s cleared her mind and is over the other person. Once again she says she’s got no fear and “I’ll go my way, gonna find my light.”

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