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Synth Single Review: "Heart and Soul" by Ash Electric

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Ash Electric’s Heart and Soul exudes melodic joy and uplifting emotion. The music begins as positive-feeling voice of the singer adds expression and sweeping synths glide behind it. The words in the song impart a message that “we are the rhythm of your heart and soul, can’t stop tomorrow when we lose control!”

Xylophone notes trickle in before the percussion accelerates into a gigantic drumbeat that pulses forward. Flashing, elevated synths with a metallic edge sing a bubbling melody bursting with sunlight into the music. The track flows into a smoothly drifting segment as the hollow, metallic synth trickles and dances through.

The surging beat throbs onward and the lead synth shimmers out the hopeful, gently touching melody. Once again, the music floats into a delicate, swirling synth mist as the vocals contribute their soulful message and the xylophone adds texture. A freewheeling, flying synth solo cascades in before the driven pulse and dynamic main melody glide on waves of oscillating bass.

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