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Synth Single Review: "Haptic (Type A)" by Cellophane Riot

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Cellophane Riot’s Haptic (Type A) tells the story of a complex emotional connection. Cheat Code weaves darkly ominous synth that pulses and fades as delicate chiming sounds drift by, flowing to form a ghostly background. A xylophone-like synth rises and falls gently as solid drums carry a pounding beat. Evelyn Swan’s voice floats in with its unique trembling, shivering quality that is deep with emotion.

The beat drives on hard, pushing the song forward as it grows in power. Hollow, fluting synth flickers around the lush and shadowy vocals while the strength of the drums pulses and metallic chimes glitter in fragility. The vocal melody is haunting and the beat adds a form to the music as it fades on echoes and distant, lost piano.

There’s ambivalent emotion in this song’s lyrics. The narrator talks about how she found the other person “grifting for your cause” which is an interesting notion, combining dishonesty with the sense of purpose implied by a cause. In doing so, she gave them an “unintended pause.” The narrator refers to using words that “shame, conflate truth” and lay blame on “unencumbered youth.”

Our narrator talks about hands that she shakes as well as hands “to hit the mark.” There’s a feeling of accepting fate in her line, “I don’t blame lightning or its spark” but she still adds that she sees the other person.

Now she talks about how there are “stanzas for your cause” and how they gave the other person that “unintended pause.” Our narrator adds that it’s hard to “stay away from all your plans” but still doesn’t mind the “happened circumstance.”

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