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Synth Single Review: "Ghost" by Synthetik Blonde

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Synthetik Blonde’s Ghost is shot through with ethereal sensations and passionate, aching emotion from the lyrics and expressive vocals. A dense bass throb and a computerized sounding synth carry an angular, robotic melody underpinned with a smooth drumbeat. Ripples of medium-low, deep sound slide through open space along with the ethereal vocals and a gliding breath of synth.

A raised, shining series of notes flows and the ghostly vocals breathe into the song. A nasal, bouncing line of synth moves along with a glistening metallic sound turning above the deeper elements of the song. The vocals are full of emotion as the swirling synth clouds shift, shot through with crystalline light. The beat’s throb continues to shape and direct the song.

This song expresses the feeling of deep connection with a person that can persist even after they’ve passed away. Even though the song’s subject has gone, our narrator sings, “I can feel you, feel you lying next to me. I can feel you, feel you breathing into me.”

There’s a sharp ache in the words that say, “I miss you, miss your body next to me” and then a moment of something gentler in the line, “I can feel you, you’re still with me.” Even though her beloved is gone she says, “I love you, put your hands all over my body.”

She makes a final passionate declaration as she says, “I can feel you, your ghost is here with me.”

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Stefani Michele Kleppe from regina on June 26, 2021:

Thanks for the deadly review!!! Bad pun?! hahahah :)

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