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Synth Single Review: "Gateway" by Bycemaster

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Bycemaster’s Gateway is a complex, richly detailed slice of synth music. It begins with a hollow, elevated and distant synth and a deep, thick bass pulse. The metallic, shining synth pulsates in a climbing line, higher and higher over the throbbing, stuttering beat that flows on and adds more direction under the glow above it. Denser synth cuts in with rough-edged power and round, digital sounding notes brightly descend over the strong bursts that cut in.

An ethereal breath of sound glides through along with a trembling chime before a wandering, shining, very high melody pipes in. The broad, shiny synth notes extend as the ancient-sounding synth line sings out with an element of early marching music in it. Metallic synth rings out and the beat pulses on with the weight below it and the beat shifts with he thick, darker synth pattern that repeats and then fades out.

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