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Synth Single Review: "Gagarin's Start" by KLET

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


KLET’s single Gagarin’s Start is a forlorn, delicate and drifting piece of music that is full of aching, wistful emotion. As it begins there’s a distant flow of delicate sound and a piano carries a gentle melody that is deeply melancholy. A steady drum beats and a rough edged bass throbs while a pipe-like synth carries a minor key melody that caresses the listener’s ears. There is a fragility and a sense of loss about the pan pipe melody.

The piano segment has a sense of pained hope about it over the beat and bass that add motion to the track. There’s a brief fade into muffled sound before the music returns to the main melody’s trembling, emotive voice. All of the sonic delicacy and lightness of touch drifts into the track’s open spaces before silence falls.

I get the sense of fading hope from this track. It feels to me as if it's a reflection on all of the dashed dreams that were represented by Yuri Gagarin’s journey into space as the Soviet Union collapsed. It has the ache and loss that I hear in Sovietwave as a genre which interests me.

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