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Synth Single Review: "Forget You Now" by The Death Beats with Isaac Maya and Little Panda

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Isaac Maya and the Death Beats’ Forget You Now kicks off with warm, brightly rising arpeggios that rise into open space with shining light suffusing them. Little Panda’s vocals soar out into open space as the steadily pounding, deep bass and drums move under the vaulting arpeggios. A classic drum and bass beat stutters into the track, bouncing as the arpeggios keep shimmering over the top.

The beat’s steady urging is joined by Little Panda’s bright, echoing vocals and the sweeping, glowing synth plays delicate notes flowing out into the open space around them. There’s a break in the vocal flow as more glittering arpeggios flash through. Synths with a clashing sound rise over the continually spinning arpeggios and the beat throbs onward.

The lyrics of the song examine the question of a relationship breaking down. The song asks, “Could we do it any other way?” There’s a struggle to communicate as the narrator says that she doesn’t know what the other person is trying to say. She goes on to ask, “We just gonna throw it away?”

She still wonders if there’s any other way to go on as she questions, “Do I gotta go and forget you now?” There’s a feeling of confusion as she says that she doesn’t know how or why but “we spun out.”

Again she asks if she has to forget the other person and cries out, “Are you done trying, did time just run out?” She asks the other person to look in her eyes and asks one final time, “Am I gonna go and forget you now?”

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