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Synth Single Review: "Forever" by L'Avenue


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L’Avenue’s Forever is another track that has his easy, smooth and relaxing stamp on it with ‘80s sounds being used in newer, more interesting ways instead of merely being reflexively retro. As the track begins, a full, trumpeting synth is joined by a drifting background of xylophone notes and sweeping wind. Shimmering chimes and the steady throb of drums are pierced by the trumpeting synths.

The drum beat has a smooth groove to it as delicately floating chords flow around it. Warm female vocal samples cut in as the track shifts to a sparkling glide of sound over the smooth drums before the bell sounds slide in once more. The track has a sense of relaxed ease to it as the beat shapes the breezy musical elements. The drums are strong but they don’t dominate the track.

A rising pink cloud of medium high, full synth carries a hopeful melody with a dreaming feeling to it. The vocal samples cut in again and a smooth series of enfolding synth chords glide through the track. There’s a drum fill and the percussion adds more rich sonic elements to the track. There’s a smoothness to the music, each element wrapping one around the other to enfold the listener.

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