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Synth Single Review: "Forever Blue" by US3r and Jasper Mitchell

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Artwork for the single, "Forever Blue," by US3r and Jasper Mitchell

Artwork for the single, "Forever Blue," by US3r and Jasper Mitchell

US3r and Jasper Mitchell’s track "Forever Blue" is a melancholy exploration of the jagged terrain of remembrances of those for whom we cared deeply and who have gone from our lives. The track is all airiness, drift and float as US3r's warm, expressive voice sings the gentle, melancholy vocal melody. The flowing background provides a delicate canvas on which the lyrics unfold and tug at the heart.

The snippets of synth dance through the track, the drums are smooth and easy and those synth pulses work well behind the lyrics. This is a song that really glides along, punctuated by well-time synth lines and that heartbeat of drums and bass.

I have to admit that I was tearing up listening to this song. The ache, the yearning and the sense of loss just hit me with an emotional punch. It might be due to some personal stuff I’m going through right now but the words really touched me. When US3r sang, “I don’t wanna go/there’s just so much I wanna see/I need to know/Are you the one that’s saving me?” I felt the tears start.

The poignant ache in my chest didn’t diminish when the chorus of “Forever blue/When I look at you/Forever blue/I know that nothing’s gonna last forever” kicked in. Loss is inevitable in this life but that doesn’t make having to acknowledge it any less painful.

Many of us have experienced the feeling of deep melancholy when we contemplate having to go through life without someone for whom we cared. The line, “I don’t wanna go out of my life without you by my side/Don’t wanna get off this train if you’re not coming with me” so accurately captured those emotions that it sent a dagger into my heart.

So I guess I’ll dry my eyes and tell you all that Forever Blue created inme one of the strongest emotional responses I’ve had to a song in a long time. It accurately captured that feeling of loss and love that sometimes cuts deep into us and leaves us crying.

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