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Synth Single Review: "Forest" by Maxx Silver & Star Madman

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Maxx Silver & Star Madman's Forest explores the dangers inherent in mysterious temptation. Gruffly sweeping, shadowy synth growls before towering drums are broken by digital-sounding notes slipping along with stuttering drums. Heavy piano notes fall evenly into the track below Star Madman’s mystical voice carrying a ghostly melody.

Twinkling piano notes accent the music before Maxx Silver’s spoken word part comes in with the roaming bells and flickering digital sounds as the drums keep popping in. Ethereal, wordless vocals float along with the unending drums and the piano adds depth.

Star Madman’s voice has an edge of danger to it as Maxx Silver speaks. Digital sounds slip and tapping drums guide the music along while swirling shadows rise. Raised, haunted synths mistily trail through the music. The song ends with Star Madman’s delicate, spectral voice flitting above a single bell ringing.

The first narrator tells the second that she’ll take him into the forest and make him “feel like you're in a sunny paradise” but asks if he’ll pay the price. She inquires as to what happens if she’s a goddess and asks “What if I can make life seem like an ancient fairytale?” There’s a note of caution as she muses if it will end well or not.

Our second narrator says that she looks past him “at some different scenery” and that what’s inside him is “not worth anything.” He feels that the “warmth and passion in my soul” is meaningless to her. He ponders that she may be “a magical creature way beyond my humanity.”

He goes on to say that he was mistaken about her "innocent appearances.” He adds that she is an “ancient soul” to whom he must show deference because she can transform into “all kinds of wickedness find my weakness.” At this point, he says that to avoid her vengeance he serves “in peace and love.” The song ends as the first narrator asks if he’ll pay the price for her making him "feel like you’re in a secret paradise.”

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