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Synth Single Review: "Firstlife" by Asynchronic

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Asynchronic’s Firstlife is a richly layered, emotion-filled piece with a clear melody and smooth energy. A trickling, sweeping sound rushes in along with distorted tapping to open the track. Arcing, smoothly gliding arpeggios with a luscious tone spin behind the medium-high, digital-sounding synth. The lead synth sings out a softly touching melody with a hint of wistful emotion in it.

The beat skips easily along and the arpeggios whirl and dance in smooth lines. A synth with a round sound moves in descending patterns over the guiding beat. As the arpeggios glide in dancing lines, the drums throb and the elevated, string-like synth sings a sweet melody with a hopeful feeling. There’s a violin-like quality in the lead synth as it carries the secondary melody.

Now the music returns to the dynamic and yearning “A” section melody before the rapid, full-sounding synth descends in quick lines and the arpeggios and drums shape the music. The bass guides the music on and the secondary melody calls out, tender and heartwarming, as the arpeggios provide a shining textural background. The drums keep gliding and the beat guides the music forward.

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