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Synth Single Review: "Final Flight" by Aeronexus

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Aeronexus’ Final Flight creates a vivid mental image of a star blurring flight across galactic space. The track begins as trumpeting synths slowly build into a wild flight of leaping sound that cascades and shivers through the music as the solid thump of a kick drum adds weight below it. The steady, slow drum pulse explodes into an energizing, propulsive melody carried on the brassy, shining synths that rise and roam over the top.

In the background, a quick sonic flash reminds the listener of a spacecraft launch. The drum beat keeps the music moving in a dynamic direction, giving the impression of a spaceship winging across vast distances. The synths whirl and intertwine in a dervish dance before the music’s tempo slows.

A nasal-sounding synth moves in a smoother, more caressing line before the track’s flight arcs out into starry space again. The shiny, trumpeting synth speedily intertwines and tumbles down and through the other musical elements. An 8-bit chiptune segment, subdivided and intricately whirring, jumps in to push the energy level even higher before all the parts break down into silence.

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