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Synth Single Review: "Filofax" by RogueFX

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RogueFX’s Filofax examines the mentality of a cold-hearted CEO. Nasal, distorted notes flit before huge, bouncing retro drums form a pumping beat. Glittering, crystal synth dances in an energizing melody as RogueFX’s vocals move in with a unique sound. Nasal, bursting synth flickers and chimes gleam.

Tense, brassy sound pulses out to accent RogueFX’s smooth vocals. Dynamic life fills the drums as sparkling chimes ramp up the shine factor. Twisting, elevated synth snakes through as the driving vocal melody is carried by RogueFX’s distinctive voice. Trumpeting synth leaps as tense, medium-high synth shivers and chimes radiate clear light.

The driving, thumping drumbeat and solid bass support a vocal sounding synth. The song flows into a smoothly swirling segment as full percussion pops. Tensely woven synth vibrates and a bell-like instrument adds glimmering life before silence falls.

Our narrator is a hard-nosed business tycoon talking about how there can be “no equal shares, no cash reduction” and encouraging the idea of just taking whatever one wants without feeling. He is going to make his calculation and “earn the cash to go” as he flips pages and lets income flow in. He’s going to hit his Filofax because he “can’t make this my final act.” He adds that he “can’t relax the show” and he’s not going to let go.

The storyteller insists that to keep their profits up, they’ve got to computerize. He talks about how his “designer clothes” are part of his disguise and points out that his web of lies can’t be seen past because “no one lives behind the cold, cold eyes.” He speaks about digitizing, fantasizing and living the dream as one computerizes. He talks about the emptiness behind his lies, adding that he isn’t surprised that no one can read them.

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