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Synth Single Review: "Figure Me Out" by Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd

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There’s a funky edge to Dana Jean Phoenix and Powernerd’s single “Figure Me Out” that lends this track a real sense of energy and a groove that is pretty undeniable. She worked with Powernerd on the music and the single was also produced and mixed by Powernerd. Both contributors have come together to deliver a polished, fun and exciting song.

Once again, I have to give credit to Dana Jean Phoenix’s energizing voice. She really can hit those notes and punch out the vocals with expression. Her voice really does add the necessary ingredient to take things to the next level when it comes to the music.

“Figure Me Out” has a funky synth groove to it along with a throbbing beat and some unique percussion sound choices that add a slightly different sound to the music. It has a heavily retro sound but the beat and the overall vibe of the song is not fully synthwave in nature.

The keytar solo that Dana Jean Phoenix rips out on this track is also excellent. It howls and screams in the best possible way and just adds the final touch to the sense of power and energy that I feel this track is trying to convey.

The lyrics are a lot of fun to listen to as Dana Jean Phoenix sings all about an upside down, turned around relationship that’ll come to an end unless something changes. I’m particulary enjoying lines like “Mmm I got you confused/All bemused and twisted like a Rubik’s cube” and “What the what you think is goin’ on?/180 degree on me and that’s wrong/You can’t solve me/Watch me dance away.”

Sometimes relationships seem like they’re going so well and then something shifts. As Dana Jean Phoenix sings in the chorus, “We had the perfect picture/And then you went and moved me/Out of position/Over and over.”

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However all is not lost! In the final analysis, the lyrics say, “Just trust I’m not totally gone/View me from a different dimension/Come and solve me/So I won’t dance away.”

The combination of interesting percussion, an energetic beat, Dana Jean Phoenix’s excellent singing and her shredding keytar makes Figure Me Out a whole lot of fun to hear and whets my appetite for the full album to come.

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